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At last!!! A start before winter sets in.

We planted perennials that are both low growing and low maintenance.

Their multicoloured leaves will lighten that dark area for most of the year.

Not Snow!
Just a weed suppressing membrane

The priority was to complete Phase 1 of the project before the winter. By the time you read this the messy grass area outside the Hall entrance where people walk and vehicles drive over it, will have disappeared, and in its place is an elegant decorative gravel bed with a few choice 'architectural' plants with soft colours and interesting shapes.

The magnificent sarsen stones are its main feature. Again it is designed to be low maintenance and practical in the hope that people will not walk over it, and the rocks will warn drivers of the sharp corners. To fund this we have been left a bequest from a former resident of Lenham, a donation from the United Reform Church, and Hanson's Aggregates at Lenham Heath provided the gravel and paid for a digger and driver to remove the grass and lower the beds by the removal of 4 inches of soil to make room for the gravel. The gods smiled on us and it didn't rain for the next few days which enabled us, with some sturdy volunteers, to plant the big phormiums and Yuccas into large holes with some good drainage and juicy compost for them to feed on tucked round their roots. After laying a membrane and setting in kerbing (another donation), the next job was to place the 3 tonnes of the ancient rocks, with great care and consideration to where they would be displayed to their best advantage - and be happy. Don't laugh, but being happy is as important for rocks as it is for plants and animals. We hope you think we got it right.
Jean Cockett

The next big, and the most expensive project, is the 'Blossom Avenue' Groom Way from the road to the car park. Tall standard trees of uniform height are expensive and they must be planted properly with a cushion of compost around to give them a good start, and stout stakes, ties and guards to prevent wind rock (as well as vandalism). None of this comes cheap.

We are launching an appeal for people to sponsor a tree at £50, as a number of people have expressed a wish for one to commemorate a loved one. Local organisations might also like to support this community effort. I feel it will appeal to many folk to show their appreciation of Lenham for what it has done and is doing for us all.

Our Target is £1500

Blossom avenue will be the stretch of the new road, Groom Way, from the Old Ashford road up to the car park. At present it's an empty, dull road leading nowhere in particular. We aim to make it a colourful colonnade of decorative varieties of fruit trees, maples and birch.

BUT, its planting must be completed by the end of March before buds begin to burst. It will be an avenue of quite mature trees to give year-round colour in their leaves, flowers, fruit and bark that will, for many years to come, make an inviting approach to the Hall.

These will be a constant joy, not just for us now, but also for several generations to come; surely something to be proud of knowing that you have made your contribution. A permanent avenue of trees is not a short-term, 'flavour of the month' project, but an enduring gift to our village

Sponsors' names on permanent plaques will be fixed on each tree.
Some people have already pledged to sponsor a tree in memory of a loved one, others just for their love of Lenham. Each one costs £50, but you don't have to 'buy' a whole tree. A few branches, or even twigs, will do! Any donation, however small will be most welcome. Every little helps.

Please send your cheques to the Treasurer Ian George, 11 Frogmore Walk Lenham. Please make cheques payable to Lenham Millennium Group
Or contact me, Jean Cockett on 01622 858 422